January 2020 Davos 2020

“Today’s business as usual is turning into a crime against humanity. We demand that leaders play their part in putting an end to this madness.”


The Lausanne declaration is a joint statement of 400 climate activists from 38 countries who met in Lausanne in August 2019.

In summary, these three demands were declared:

1. Keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels.

2. Ensure climate justice and equity.

3. Listen to the best united science currently available.

March 2019

1. Create a safe pathway under 1.5C

2. Climate justice and equity for everyone

3. Follow the Paris Agreement

4. Unite behind the science

March 13th 2019

Fridays For Future Europe Declaration of Strasbourg 13th March 2019

European-wide demands
1. Politicians, your job is clear: It is urgent for you to read the reports, listen to science, and immediately implement the existing solutions to solve the climate crisis.
Document with more details here

September 2018

Create a safe pathway under 2C.

September 2018 Interview with Greta Thunberg

"Leaders shall treat the Climate Crisis as a Crisis!"

Paris 2015, COP21:

stay well below 2C (goal 1.5 ◦C) 

½ emissions by 2030,

if and only if

Included but Not existing:

1. Equity: absolutely needed,

2. BECCS, Bio Energy Carbon Capture Storage at Scale,

3. Likely (66%) chance of meeting 


4. A Non Binding agreement.

5. Our Western Consumption: Imports, Aviation, Shipping, making producing countries look far worse!

6.Tipping points: Irreversible, Accelerating, Self Oscillating #ClimateBreakdown feedback loops,

7. Dimming (+0.3-0.6 ◦C)