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Logo for FridaysForFuture

Image free to use for climate-strikers (by Lena Ignestam jpg):

Life sized pdf-version by Lena Ignestam:

Join-poster free to use for climate-strikers (by Joakim Olsson pdf):

Snowman by unknown:

The importance of the first followers to get a growing movement

TED Talk: How to Start a Movement
Thoughtful posters, free download

CLIMATE PLEDGE COLLECTIVE - FridaysForFuture Resources

Resources to support high school students =>
- demanding climate action. Some of it is Canada-focused but some will apply everywhere.
Resources include:
- A Handout on Climatebreakdown and fixes
- Key Charts
- Links to youtube videos and docs
- Summary of IPCC SR15, CDN, ON and Toronto plans

A Better World — Artist: Joel Pett
Materials in Swedish from Klimatgrupp Umeå